Nice to meet you! I'm Justina.

I am of the graduating class of 2022 at the University of Bothell with a BA in Interactive Media Design. I have been working with Security Properties Residential since June 2021 - previously as a Property Manager and currently as a RenovationS Coordinator.

My goal in design is to join a team who designs products to last a lifetime. The work of designers have greatly influenced many aspects of my life and inspired me to become a designer myself. I want to come full circle and create the same inspiration for others, leaving a lasting impact through my work. As a designer, I am not just working to create something for the experience of others, I am also creating an experience that I would personally enjoy.

I challenge myself to learn new design methodologies and creative strategies to find solutions to improve user experiences through my work as a designer. My passions are pushed by my desire to be a creator who will leave an impact to inspire. I enjoy to learn to improve and look forward to my future experience to aid me in my journey.

Aside from design?

I am a car enthusiast!

Say hi to Pichu, my 1991 Honda Beat! Pichu is a kei car imported from Japan. The Honda Beat is a unique, classic car that are super tiny and not at all fast. I often bring my car to shows or to cruise with my friends whenever I get the chance!

I love to travel!

In May of 2023, my boyfriend I spent 4 weeks in my parent's mother country, Vietnam. Being both of our first times stepping foot internationally, we wasted no time - travelling to 6 different areas within the country. I was able to meet my mom's side of the family for the very first time. As I was born and raised in the states, it was a special experience to live in an environment so culturally similar yet different at the same time. Although I am not very fluent in speaking my native tongue, I was able to grow more in my comprehension - a great personal goal of mine.

We fell in love with Vietnam and are revisiting in February to celebrate Tết for the Year of the Dragon 2024!

I have two fur babies!

Eevee (left) has been by my side for all of her 8 years. She has a loud voice and is infinitely loyal.  She is forever my puppy and demands to be treated as such. Eevee will bombard you with wet kisses and warm cuddles, but her crooked tail will only wag if you most deserve it.

Bao (right) is my 1 year old ball of fluff. He loves sticks of all shapes and sizes, spending most of his time in the backyard to find them.  Bao has the most gentle, sweet heart that could never hurt a fly; and although, he is fond of anyone and everything that comes through the door, he adores Eevee the most.

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